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Our company and our values

smaXtec is a proven solution in the dairy farming sector, helping farmers to better understand their cows. With smaXtec, dairy farmers have a unique and secure system at their hand, setting a new standard in early detection in the areas animal health, reproduction and feeding management.
This is smaXtec

What we do Our mission

smaXtec. A proven cow understanding system providing the most valuable insights.

Our success is based on our unique determination and our ability to develop useful solutions for our customers, always following the highest quality standards.

Foresight, maximum technological performance, and the proximity to customers and cows enable us to understand more and to provide our customers with this knowledge.

This also includes our pioneering role in early detection. We do not only offer early detection but set new standards. We offer earliest possible detection in health, reproduction and feeding. This way, we empower our customers to work preventively and achieve the highest possible success for their farm.

Because our goal is to enhance both the management of dairy farms as well as the lives of farmers and their cows considerably and sustainably.

How we work Our values

We are brave, forward-thinking and responsible. We are smaXtec.
We achieve beneficial insights on a high-quality standard with determination.

We are brave

With determination, confidence and a positive attitude, we look into an exciting and eventful future, making daily working routines easier for our customers around the globe.

We are forward-thinking

By constantly further developing our products and extending our technological lead, we offer our customers a game-changing and future-proof technology.

We are responsible

We are aware of our responsibility towards dairy farmers, their cattle, as well as consumers. Therefore we work with ambition and empathy on further developing our system.

Who we are What we stand for

Who are the people behind smaXtec? In short: A multi-disciplinary, motivated team with passion and commitment towards dairy farming and the big challenges involved.
smaXtec founders

The  brave ones

Our founders Stefan Rosenkranz and Mario Fallast already proved their courage when starting the adventure of developing an intraruminal cow understanding system. Since then, a lot has happened, and their belief and persistence in the development of this unique system have paid off – particularly for farmers and cows all over the globe.

The smaXtec team

The  forward-thinking ones

Our development team is continuously working on extending our technological edge and adapting our system to challenges and needs of dairy farmers and their animals. Our customer support team also plays a vital role in this continuous development: Their daily contact with our customers enables them to identify the problems of tomorrow, and provide valuable assistance and solution finding. Additionally, their direct insights into the daily work of farmers enable a customer-centered advancement of our innovative solution.

smaXtec leadership

The  responsible ones

At smaXtec, we are aware of our responsibility towards animals and humans. A conscientious use of our system leads to increased animal welfare and resource conservation. Additionally, smaXtec enables transparency along the value chain, from cow to fridge.

Our company and its history

We are a well-established, fast-growing company, with the excellence of an international market leader and many years of profound experience in the fields of technology and dairy farming. The initial development of our innovative system was only possible thanks to the expertise of the team as well as many collaborations with leading technical and agricultural research institutes. A particularly important partner is HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein, who has been contributing significantly to the development of our products to this day.
smaXtec co-founder & CEO Stefan Rosenkranz
The idea for smaXtec was born in 2006 out of the curiosity of two technicians, who came across a problem in dairy farming: Rumen pH values are highly valuable for research and improvement of dairy farming but can only be measured laboriously and in few animals. Our founders Stefan Rosenkranz and Mario Fallast quickly realised that there must be a better solution. And they started to develop sensors continuously measuring data inside the rumen as pioneers – and, with success!
smaXtec co-founder Mario Fallast
Founded in 2009 as a research project, smaXtec is the world market leader in its field today. Because we realised that the rumen is not only perfectly suitable to measure rumen pH values, but also to collect further unique and valuable data for farmers, such as inner body temperatur or activity. In 2016 the commercialisation of products started, paving the way for comprehensive health monitoring of dairy cows for farms of every size. But this was just the beginning of our success story.
smaXtec TruD™ technology
With the introduction of smaXtec TruRumi™ TECHNOLOGY in 2020, we were able to add an additional parameter to our unique cow understanding system – rumination. Thanks to the direct measurement inside the reticulum, the system guarantees unrivalled precision and allows for even better decision in health and feeding as well as in oestrus and calving, setting a new standard in early detection, supported by the smaXtec TruD™ cloud technology.
Co-Founder Mario Fallast and Co-Founder & CEO Stefan Rosenkranz at the Eurotier Innovation Award Ceremony
By enabling significantly higher milk yield as well as increased animal welfare, smaXtec has caught a lot of attention in the field of dairy farming and has been honoured with numerous awards such as the EuroTier Innovation award (2010, 2018), or the Agrarfuchs in the cageory ‘Animal Health and Welfare’.

Staying true to its commitment of bringing long-term positive change to the dairy industry, smaXtec welcomed CEO Stefan Scherer in early 2020 who will drive forward the company’s competitive edge together with founder CEO Stefan Rosenkranz. Despite the impact the Covid pandemic has had around the globe, smaXtec is continuously expanding its team and entering new direct markets with local subsidiaries in Germany, Ireland, Great Britain and the US. Thus, the company is working consistently to achieve the ambitious goal of ‘1 million cows under monitoring’.

What does smaXtec mean?

smaXtec is composed of the words SMART and TECHNOLOGY. The X stands for the crossover of two disciplines, the basis of our success, and is therefore always capitalised. smaXtec is both the name of the company as well as the umbrella term for our unique cow understanding system.

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