Reliable health monitoring. With the proven smaXtec bolus technology.

Health is the key to success: with the smaXtec health system you take the most important step towards a healthier herd.

A healthy herd is the basis for your economic success: Only fit cows have a

  • stable milk yield,
  • a significantly reduced cell count,
  • a lower insemination index,
  • easier calvings and
  • require less time for individual care.

To ensure or improve animal health, you have to keep a close eye on your cows at all times. This is the only way you can intervene early in case of health problems, thus prevent serious disease progression, save on antibiotics and costs.
A number of issues can be recognised and solved through good observation and care but changing farm structures and sizes do not always allow for the ideal level of individual care. This is where the proven smaXtec technology supports you and detects health issues earliest possible.

Success Through Holistic Monitoring With The SmaXtec Health System

The deeper the insights, the earlier you notice changes in your cows’ health status. smaXtec measures the meaningful parameters inner body temperature, rumination with TruRumi™ technology, activity and drinking behaviour in the highest quality directly in the reticulum.
The collected data is automatically transferred to the smaXtec cloud, where it is supplemented with AI-supported evaluations. This gives you even more cow understanding. Permanent, direct insights and analyses are the basis for valuable recommendations for action and are particularly helpful in the early detection and prevention of diseases.

The more factors and symptoms are taken into consideration, the better, earlier and more accurate the recommendations.

Only early detection prevents loss

As soon as the immune system reacts to pathogens or stress, for example, the inner body temperature changes – long before external signs become visible. As a result, the smaXtec system detects diseases up to four days before clinical symptoms become visible.
Monitoring animal health by temperature measurement offers another advantage: Depending on the temperature change, you know what to check the cow for. If inner body temperature rises, it is an indication of a feverish condition, infection or inflammation. A drop in temperature, on the other hand, is an indication of a metabolic disease such as milk fever or ketosis.
In addition, continuous measurement of rumination allows you to draw even more precise conclusions about the disease and its severity. To make the unrivalled parameter package complete,smaXtec also measures drinking behaviour and activity, detecting issues such as lameness in a very early stage.

Steps Ahead Through Early Detection

Early detection allows you to intervene earliest possible, reduce the risk of serious disease progression and significantly reduce the use of medication, especially antibiotics.
You can thus improve animal health and welfare and further increase the success on your farm. Customers report a reduced usage of antibiotics by up to 70% since using the smaXtec system.
With smaXtec early detection you detect diseases such as mastitis up to four days before clinical symptoms become visible. This way you are able to treat the cow with lighter medication such as an anti-inflammatory, avoid legal waiting periods caused by antibiotics, reduce the vet’s bill and workload.

Paul Doble dairy farmer, Devon, UK

“One of the main benefits of the smaXtec system is the health side of things. Because we are picking up the health alerts 24-36 hours before there is actually a problem. I don’t think it has reduced mastitis cases, but because we pick it up earlier the cow is being flushed with water and electrolytes. So, there is no antibiotic use.

What The Proven SmaXtec System Additionally Has To Offer?

smaXtec not only detects diseases earliest possible, by monitoring your animals 24/7 the system gives you the possibility to follow the recovery process of every cow over time. Thus, you are able to see if the treatment has made an impact on the health of the cow and when she has fully recovered.

Additionally, when using the smaXtec health system on your farm you receive precise and automatic heat detection as well earliest possible calving detection.

Heat detection & fertility

smaXtec detects heats for you and provides you with additional information on the ideal insemination time. Your benefits are shorter calving intervals, improved pregnancy rates, reduced insemination costs, ongoing productivity and much more.

Calving detection & monitoring

smaXtec also supports you with reliable and early calving detection. The system not only monitors your cows’ health in the critical phase around birth, but you are also informed about imminent calving. You receive a notification on average 15 hours before calving, enabling you to take measures if necessary. This guarantees a problem-free calving and a good start for cow and calf.

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