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Our responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility towards you. You trust us with sensible data and rely on us. We always keep this in mind: Our experts work with the latest, powerful technologies to provide you with an excellent system. It goes without saying that the protection of your data is always our highest priority.

Information on our system's security

Here are some frequently requested key facts regarding our system’s security.
Trust is important

Bolus safety

  • The bolus has been developed with vets and research institutes and has no impact on the cow.
  • The bolus remains in the rumen after administration, due to its own weight. The cow doesn’t regurgitate or digest the bolus.
  • The radiation of boluses is minimal and is similar to the radiation of a garage door opener.
  • To ensure bio security, boluses are not being reused in other animals when the cow goes to slaughter.
  • The bolus is certified by DLG (German Agricultural Association), in full compliance with CE-standards and has also been admitted by the FDA that is known for its rigorous examinations.
  • There will be no interferences with magnets or other digital systems on the farm.
Your data

Everything about your data

  • The measured cow data is saved on the bolus up to 50 days until they are read out and transmitted. Even when a problem with data transmission occurs, e.g. in case of a power failure, your data will not be lost.
  • Data are saved in the cloud. From our point of view, a cloud-based system is the most advantageous solution: We can support you the best way possible and you can make optimum use of your data by sharing it with others.
  • Data is saved in the EU and is in compliance with the GDPR. We only grant other people access to your cow data with your permission – e.g. when you share your data with smaXtec users such as your vets or employees, or when using the option to integrate smaXtec into your herd management system.
  • We also take the protection of your personal data seriously. Find further information in our privacy policy.
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