Our smaXtec Technologies

We are continuously working on further extending our technologies. That's how we provide you with best cow data and action recommendations.

Along with our previous technological developments and innovations, we are constantly working on new additions to the system to help serve our customers.

The smaXtec TruRumi™ technology

The smaXtec bolus measures the rumination directly where it occurs – in the reticulum. This is only possible with smaXtec! The direct measurement method records the number and duration of contractions of the reticulum. As a result, smaXtec accurately identifies rumination times. You benefit from precise alerts when your cows show irregular rumination patterns.


The smaXtec TruD™ technology

Through intelligent data analysis from inside the cow, we provide valuable recommendations for action for you. TruD™ comprises the smaXtec cloud and the collected knowledge of all cows paired with smaXtec’s artificial intelligence. This combination makes TruD™ particularly valuable – for farmers, vets and cows.

Agrarfuchs 2020
EuroTier 2018
Primus 2018
Hofgenie 2018
AgraME Award 2013
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Inel D'Or 2010